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ACH Webmedia was established in 2010 by Alena Hamlett. ACH Webmedia started as the need to disseminate information faster and more efficiently to parents in the schools.

Recent Projects

I worked as a webmaster for the English Montreal School Board, and at that time, the schools did not have websites. The parents had to call the schools to forward information by email. The simple problem was that the schools closed at a specific time during the day. So, the parents could not obtain the information that they needed. I recognized the problems that were facing the parents. I worked with the school board on a contract to construct websites for the various schools. ACH Webmedia was registered in 2012 and has since grown to include clients such as the Greene Avenue and Victoria Village Merchant’s Association.


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Helping brands reach their audiences effectively


Creating beautiful and impactful websites.

Web Development

Creating fast engaging and responsive sites

Creating Campaigns

We create effective marketing campaigns for our clients.

Our Mission

We are a digital marketing company that seeks to engage and interact with people. We create effective marketing campaigns for our clients.

We offer online marketing and web services for businesses. During Covid, many merchants realized how important it is to take their businesses online. We provide web and online marketing services for our clients. To help them to increase their visibility online by using various online social media platforms. This includes but is not limited to Facebook business, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, Twitter, Google my business, Google analytics, and Google AdWords.

We also use CMS building platforms and HTML websites to create visually appealing websites for our clients.


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